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Clean Technologies

PROMAG’s technologies for clean

PROMAG Immersion Technology is a combination of mechanical motions within a liquid bath or drying chamber to facilitate a specific process objective.

The process can be general cleaning for applications like degreasing, precision cleaning, or stripping. The soils to be removed typically are oil, grease, dirt, smut, chips, polishing compounds, carbon, paint, ink, wax, casting residues, oxides, etc.

The process can also involve surface treatment, surface preparation, NDT or other procedures where parts are immersed in a liquid processing chamber.

The key to the PROMAG difference is the effective use of an elevator within each processing chamber. The elevator is for transportation of the work into and out of the chamber. But the most important function is continuously moving the work within the processing zone.

This dynamic function allows PROMAG systems to achieve superior results in washing, rinsing, and drying.

We call this Dynamic Flow Combination. The effect of Dynamic Flow Combination is better coverage of component surfaces (minimizing standing waves and/or part shadowing) producing more consistent results and accelerated processing times.

Tank Unit

The good level of cleanliness achieved with PROMAG PUM-series Clean Machine is based on an efficient ultrasound. The transducers can be mounted either to the base or to the sides of the tank, as needed. The ultrasound can thus be optimally targeted for more efficient cleaning.

Main benefits

  • The new PROMAG ultrasonic technology provides constant maximum performance
  • Fully digital generator – well-adjusted and energy efficient
  • Top-level of cleanliness
  • Quick wash process
  • Good ergonomics in manual handling of lightweight items
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Compact design, small footprint
PUM Tank dimensions(inside) / mm
S 500 x 500 x 300
M 800 x 800 x 600
L 1200 x 1200 x 600
C Customization

System Line

PROMAG ultrasonic cleaning system line offers you :

  • Manual ultrasonic cleaning line
  • Semi-automated ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Automated ultrasonic cleaning system

It integrates state-of-the-art controls for the ease of operation and maintenance.

Our ultrasonic cleaning technologies are effective with difficult parts such as bearings, where blind holes are common. PROMAG ultrasonic use mid-range frequencies to create vibrations, effectively purging dirt from miniature holes which are difficult to reach. 

  • Material handling for heavy component
  • Safe working environment for operator
  • Increased production capability

Our ultrasonic cleaning system lines/tank units are generally constructed using stainless steel 304 or 316, and fully encapsulated for safety and a good working environment.

Chemical Line

Automated Chemical Cleaning Line allows parts to be immersed into chemical solutions such as alkaline degreaser rust inhibiter and surfactant for specific timing. Chemicals are used to remove oil, paint, coating, scale, grit, and deposit from the component surface before other processes such as inspection.

Based on our vast experiences in setting up automated Chemical Cleaning System Lines, we have incorporated several enhanced features and a careful selection of material to cater to the demanding nature of the cleaning process. In turn, minimize the operator's exposure to an aggressive chemical that poses a hazard to the operating environment.  

PROMAG combines technical abilities and know-how in various industries (Shipping, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, transportation, etc.) to design a complete, high quality, and result-oriented Chemical Clean System Line that improves the productivity works of the client.

  • Designed for optimized efficiency for client’s production
  • Strict adherence to quality standards
  • Technical knowledge and experience ensures each turnkey is specially designed based on requirements – to obtain optimum productivity, high quantity, and quality output
  • Designed for Safety and Reliability
  • Environmental-Friendly technology
  • Manual or Fully Automatic capability

With the system from PROMAG, clients can look forward to a high-quality and technologically advanced system to help boost overall productivity and increase production.

Clean Cabinet

This clean booth can assemble and install in the industry where parts are big and need crane manipulation. It is an effective step to remove thick grease/oil before chemical cleaning. A proper exhaust system is designed in the cabinet to ensure well ventilation and mist removal during the cleaning process. Waterproof lighting installs to assist the operator with their washing process. 

Dryer / Oven

PROMAG uses electrical heaters to manufactures/designs different industrial dryers includes a cabinet dryer, walk-in dryer, motorized conveyor dryer, and dryer station. Our dryers include drying, powder coating, part cleaning, NDT industry and other application which requires reliable and safe process control heat circulation.

With years of experience in dryer manufacturing, special attention is paid to the choice of materials and control to ensure energy efficiency and temperature balancing. Our dryers can control with high accuracy, ensuring the temperature at every corner is evenly distributed (Temperature Uniformity).

We have also designed and built dryers of different loading methods (Top loading, side loading, 2-way loading and walk-in loading methods) without compromising the temperature uniformity with certified third-party tests according to international standards. Each of our dryers is tested on our production floor before delivery, ensuring the quality of work.

Wash-jet Machine

Washing spray machines with high pressure are using in removing grease and dirt from the component, including general cleaning. These high efficient cleaning machines are constructed from Stainless Steel 304 or 316 to ensure durability.


Main Industry:

  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Transportation industry
  • Automotive

PROMAG Wash-jet machine provides full process automation capabilities with the option of oil separation and filtration system that translates to cost savings for the client's operation. Our spraying nozzles position in high coverage with precise cleaning capability, which is made to be rotating, also customized for angles-cleaning to ensure the highest washing efficiency. 

Part references:

  • Blades
  • Nozzles
  • Rings
  • Ducts
  • Wheels

PROMAG Features: 

  • Available for Multi-stages processes design to achieve high-quality cleaning
  • Advanced and friendly PLC touch screen, cabinet design to offer a system automation and saves maintenance and troubleshooting errors.
  • Interlocks provided to ensure the system runs effectively and safely.
  • Available to be custom designed and built for cleaning processes of different components, depending on customer’s requirement.



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