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Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection(FPI) Automatic System

PROMAG automatic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) processing is a system drives by the programming of PLC. With PLC programming, PROMAG automatic FPI processing ensures automatic FPI processing that is precisely performed to a preset recipe to ensure no process variability between operators.

PROMAG automatic FPI system can perform itself after operation setting by operators, and then go

  • Cleaning
  • Etching
  • Penetrant
  • Applying
  • Emulsifier applying (if process is needed)
  • Rinsing
  • Drying parts in oven
  • Developer applying

And suction and transport to inspection station with dark-room area.

High throughput can be achieved with minimal operator interaction can also be achieved with a processing recipe and database that can provide an exact time-stamped history of all processes that were performed on a particular part and be stored for process control and future using.


FPI system ODM/OEM Cooperation

PROMAG can also provide ODM/OEM services for traders, agents, partners, and clients with special needs. In order to meet our partner's satisfaction, PROMAG’s customization FPI system can be made complying with every standard request and every partner's request.

We have been many ODM/OEM services experiences of FPI system cooperation projects in the past 20 years. And we are also able to partner with Penetrant Testing (PT) consumable makers to come up with different FPI system solutions to achieve mutual wins in every region.

FPI in Aerospace

NDT’s Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection in Aerospace

In the aviation industry, parts cleaning and non-destructive testing (NDT) are related closely. The surfaces of objects to be inspected during servicing and repairs are cleaned using chemical or mechanical methods to remove scale, rust and dirt. If necessary, coatings which may affect the inspection are also removed. When manufacturing new parts, objects are e.g. anodized or pickled and non-destructive testing is then used to determine the flawlessness of the parts.

PROMAG customized NDT FPI equipment / PT system has been approved in the aviation industry for manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). Solutions based on the FPI method are one of PROMAG's areas of core competence. This method is suitable for the fluorescent penetrant inspection of most airplane parts and components.

Two test panels are ideal for fluorescent penetrant sensitivity performance checks.

One of them is the reference blocks used to determine the sensitivity levels of fluorescent penetrant products. It is made as to the artificial defects that are available in versions with 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, and 50μm crack depths. It is also conforming with ISO 3452-3. The other is called Five-Star TAM-panel mainly adapted to use during fluorescent penetrant inspection for checking the sensitivity as the system performing the check.

Under PROMAG UV LED black light, the artificial cracks in the reference block and five-Star TAM panel show the fluorescent indications that must observe to demonstrate that the FPI process is in control.


PROMAG NDT Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection concepts for Aerospace industrial clients

Our team has a wide range of fluorescent penetrant inspection concepts for various NDT / FPI / PT needs in the aviation industry. The benefits of concepts are as below:

  • customizable to satisfy different FPI/PT demands in aerospace
  • able to meet various aerospace clients standard and specification
  • durable and reliable FPI/PT system to reduce maintenance
  • automatic monitoring of process parameters
  • flexible to make smart combination of automation to reduce labor costs
  • traceability and reliability in FPI/ PT inspection process
  • economical operation costs and user-friendly ergonomics design


Manual Penetrant Testing(PT) units

Manual Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection(FPI) tanks

PROMAG can provide a small system with a standard process of inspection, also can provide a customization system for customers with more unique and special requirements. No matter is a small part like a nut or screw to do PT or FPI, or a large part such as an aircraft landing gear or wing beam.


Semi-automatic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection(FPI) System

PROMAG offers a range of semi-auto systems for use in Penetrant Testing(PT) / Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection(FPI), covering everything from large inspection system lines, load station, pre-clean station, ultrasonic clean station, dwell/dry station, water-break test station, penetrant station, dwell station, rinse station, drying oven, developer storm cabinets, wasted-water treatment, and consumables.

Our FPI systems use in industries that are manufacturing safety-critical components widely. OEM, MRO facilities, and manufacturers for aerospace, aviation, medical, automotive, electric vehicles/electric cars, utility/energy, national defense&military, train vehicles, and more use FPI to limit failure of parts in service.

We also provide an in-house engineering and customization service for customers with more unique and special requirements.


Fully automatic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection(FPI) System

PROMAG can design and manufacture for fully automatic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection(FPI) by integrating state of the art technology and engineering with automated lifter and a transferring system consisting of pre-clean(ultrasonic), post-clean, and UV LED lighting, which is from the beginning of loading to the end of unloading. We can also provide the customized solution of Artificial Intelligent(AI) inspection & recognition robot for auto-inspection for the customers who need it.



Wastewater Treatment SYS

As fluorescent wasted-water is produced while performing part rinsing, PROMAG develops automatic system for wasted-water solutions in order to prevent from pollution.

  • Active carbon & ozone processing system available.
  • PLC system control to meet 24 hours auto-processing.
  • System made with modular design; able to expand capacity while wasted-water volume increased.



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